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Wilwood’s GP320 Sprint Left Front Brake Kit
 Dynapro Radial Sprint Inboard      Brake Kit
Wilwood’s GP320 Sprint Left Front Brake kit offers increased braking torque and thermal performance of the GP320 4 piston calipers. A definitive increase in braking and durability over traditional aluminum or steel rotor systems. Mounts are included for standard Sprint spindle to match the included 10.50 x 0.19” Super Alloy rotor. Also includes Composition Metallic brake pads, lightweight aluminum dynamic mount 3-pin rotor adapter and T-nut hardware kit.

Dynapro Radial Sprint Inboard Kit Features: A fully engineered bolt-on brake system for sprint car quick change rears with 3.00 x 46 splined axles. With Super Alloy.810 vented discs and a newly designed dynamic mount rotor axle clamp, are the lowest rotating weights available for Sprint racing. • The lightweight advantages of the Super Alloy rotor are combined with high durability & long wear. • Forged billet DynaPro radial mount calipers with Composition Metallic pads, produce superior stopping power and consistent fade-free response. Kit includes Axle Clamp with Dynamic Mount Rotor Adapter assembly with T-nuts and Radial Mount Bracket and mounting hardware.

Plate Characteristics 
Thickness (in): .44 
Pad Area (in²): 3.65 
Pad Volume (in³): 1.03  

Fits Wilwood Calipers: GP320 Caliper 
 Application                                                                                Quantity            Part No.  
CM - Composite Metallic High-Temperature Racing Pads               4 Pads            150-10396K   
PolyMatrix H High-Temperature Racing Pads                                4 Pads            15H-8596K  

PAD INFORMATION  Plate Characteristics 
Thickness (in): .49     Pad Area (in²): 6.36   Pad Volume (in³): 2.1  
Fits Wilwood Calipers: 
Dynapro Dust-Boot  
Dynapro Lug Mount  
Dynapro Radial Mount  

Compound            Application                                                                Quantity                             Part No. 

CM -                  Composite Metallic High-Temperature Racing Pads                  4 Pads                           150-10020K   
BP-30                High-Temperature Racing Pads                                               4 Pads                           150-11735K    
BP-10                Street Performance / Racing Pads                                          4 Pads                            150-9136K   
BP-20                Street Performance / Racing Pads                                          4 Pads                           150-9418K   
PolyMatrix A       High-Temperature Racing Pads                                              4 Pads                           15A-9835K    
PolyMatrix B       High-Temperature Racing Pads                                              4 Pads                           15B-9836K   
PolyMatrix E       Street Performance / Racing Pads                                         4 Pads                            5E-9837K    
PolyMatrix H       High-Temperature Racing Pads                                              4 Pads                           15H-10644K    
PolyMatrix Q       Street Performance / Racing Pads                                         4 Pads                           15Q-10385K  
Fits: Dynapro Radial Mount 
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