5-Point Latch & Link Harness Assembly

• RaceQuip's Most Popular Belt Set
• Now with 3" Hardware Ends Installed
• Twin Individual Shoulder Belts
• SFI 16.1 Rating
• Pull Down Lap Belt
• Double Adjustable for Ease of Installation
• Wrap Around or Bolt-in Mounting
• Drop-Forged Steel Hardware
• Shoulders Adjust from 26" to 40"
• Lap Belt Adjusts 20" to 60"
• Premium 3" Nylon Webbing
• Available in Black, Red, and Blue
• Can Be Re-webbed Upon Expiration
FIA/SFI Camlock Belts

• Lightweight 165 gram Magnesium Alloy Cam Buckle
• Exceeds Stringent FIA 8853/98 Standard
• Surpasses SFI 16.1 Rating
• 6 Point Design
• Pull Down Lap Belt Adjusters
• Wide Engagement Cone For Easy Snap In
• Precise Spring Pressure for a Positive Feel
• 45° (right or left) Unlatch Movement
• Prevents Accidental Opening
• Heavy-Duty Drop-Forged Steel Hardware (Installed)
• Wrap Around or Bolt-in Mounting
• Premium 3” Proprietary Blend Webbing
• Transverse Mono Filament Woven
• Increased Strength and Smoother Edges
• Premium Aluminum Shoulder Adjusters
• Shoulder Belt Adjustment Length is 20" to 70"
• Lap Belt is Adjustable from 25" to 70"
• Can Be Re-Webbed Upon Expiration
• Available in Black, Red, and Blue

RaceQuip’s tag line is “The Best Value in Driver Protection”. The new 751 series Camlock harness set is meeting that challenge by offering loads of features yet pricing them affordably for the grassroots racer. The  RaceQuip 751 series Camlock belt set comes in a six (6) point configuration with a pull-down lap belt design. The harness sets not only exceed the SFI 16.1 specification, they also pass the stringent FIA 8853/98 standard. This “dual certification” allows racers in some sanctions (SCCA, NASA, etc.) to use these belts for five years instead of just two. Like all RaceQuip harness sets, they can still be rewebbed and SFI certified after the expiration date.

RaceQuip starts with a super-lightweight 165 gram magnesium alloy cam buckle. The buckle features an engagement cone which allows the belts to snap into the cam mechanism at angles of 21˚ left or right and 11˚ up and down for ease of engagement. Precise internal spring pressure allows a positive feel on the 45˚ (right or left) unlatch movement without fear of accidental opening.

Next, the drop-forged steel buckle hardware is sewn onto the premium 3” webbing. RaceQuip calls their proprietary blend webbing “transverse mono filament woven”, which means that there are mono filament fibers inter-woven into the straps in a pattern that transverses the standard weave. This design accomplishes two tasks - added strength and smoother edges on the belts. The harness sets also feature premium, lightweight, non-slip aluminum shoulder adjusters with easy lift grips. The lap belt adjusters utilize an anti-slip tensioner device as well. Heavy-duty drop-forged steel slide bars and bolt on ends come already installed, but they can be easily removed if you prefer to mount your belts by wrapping them around a rollbar. Belt adjustment lengths are 20” to 70” for shoulders and 25” to 70” for the lap belt. RaceQuip Camlock Harness Sets are available in black, red, or blue.

All RaceQuip Latch & Link harness systems are constructed using drop-forged steel hardware for ultimate strength and reduced weight. All hardware is cadmium plated for added protection. We use only 3" premium nylon webbing and all belts are box-x pattern sewn to ensure uniform stitch length and strength. Belts and hardware are routinely tested to verify compliance with SFI 16.1 standards.

All of our harness sets feature a latch & link system to retain the belts. The latch & link system is distinguished by a pivoting hammer called a "duckbill", which locks all of the belts into place by snapping down into a detent. Both shoulder belts and the sub belt are hooked over the link; the link is inserted into the latch; the Duckbill is then brought down into and over the link, securely holding all of the pieces in place. Once the latch is snapped firmly into place, this duckbill design virtually eliminates the possibility of anything (arm restraints, driver's suit, etc.) accidently getting underneath and causing the belts to un-latch.

Harness systems come as a "pull down" design. This means that the lap belts must be pulled down and away from the center latch & link mechanism to tighten. All necessary mounting hardware is included with each belt set. Since our belts are "double adjustable", lengths are easily adjusted on either end for ease of installation. Using the included three bar slide you can mount the belts by either wrapping them around a rollbar or by bolting them in place. Snap-in ends and eyebolts are sold separately if you want to install your belts in that manner. For belt mounting tips and instructions click on the belt mounting instructions at the bottom of the "Harness Systems" page.

A must for anyone who drives an open cockpit car, RaceQuip Arm Restraints are manufactured using premium polypropylene webbing and high grade steel hardware. Our standard arm restraint design utilizes 2" webbing for the cuffs and 1" webbing for the tethers that are attached to the cuffs. The cuffs are adjustable from 7" to 15" and the tethers adjust in length out to 15". The steel ring at the end of the tether is designed to fit over your shoulder or lap belt harness end.

391002 Std 2' Black   $19.95
391012 Std 2' Red      $19.95
391002 Std 2' Blue     $19.95
Arm Restraints

RaceQuip RidgeLine™ SA-2005 Full Face Helmet

•Snell SA-2005 Rating
•Hand-Laid Composite Shell
•Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Liner
•Comfort Fit FR Interior
•Multi-Port Ventilation System
•Low Fog Airflow Design
•Good Peripheral Vision
•Fire Retardant Interior and Paint
•3mm Polycarbonate Face Shield
•Distortion Free Shield Includes a Visor Strip
•Aluminum Positive Lock Pivot Kit
•Tear-Off Posts and Foam Visor Seal
•Stainless Steel Internal Hardware and Screens
•Kevlar® Chin Strap
•Unique Aggressive Styling
•White High Gloss Finish
•Stocked in Sizes 2XS - 2XL
  Racer Net  $199.95
The RaceQuip RidgeLine(TM) helmet has been extremely well received by racers. This Snell SA-2005 helmet is loaded with many features you would expect to find in a helmet costing much more. These features include an aluminum positive lock pivot kit, stainless steel internal hardware and vent screens, plus a foam shield seal to keep out dust and dirt. A wide eyeport provides good peripheral vision and allows the use of personal eyewear. The distortion free high strength polycarbonate face shield is a full 3mm thick and comes with adjustable tear-off posts and a visor strip. Of course both the interior and paint are fire retardant so the RidgeLine™ is suitable for use in auto racing. The RidgeLine™ incorporates a Kevlar(R) chin strap for strength, a comfort fit FR interior for great feel, and a multi-port ventilation system to minimize fogging and help keep a cool head. Wrap all of these features up in our high gloss, hand laid, composite shell featuring world class, one of a kind styling and the result is the outstanding value delivered by the RaceQuip Ridgeline®.
Snell SA-2010 Helmet Information

RaceQuip is currently undergoing final testing and certifying of our Snell SA-2010 helmet designs. RaceQuip Open Face and Full Face SA-2010 models will be available for release on October 1st 2010 per Snell Memorial Foundation guidelines. Please note that this release date is consistent with all SA helmet manufacturers.Significant design changes were required to build an SA-2010 compliant helmet. The Snell Memorial Foundation ( has changed the SA helmet testing procedures to more accurately account for the size and weight of the driver’s head. It is also important to note that the specifications between an SA (auto racing) helmet and an M (motorcycle) helmet have become more divergent, which is why RaceQuip will only offer SA rated helmets for use in auto racing even though some sanctions or tracks may still allow use of an M rated helmet.The SA-2010 design changes have allowed us to re-tool in order to produce our helmets with a more modern production method. Ultimately the RaceQuip SA-2010 spec helmets will be lighter than previous models, have better fit and finish, and also have provisions for installation of a head and neck restraint. Most series, sanctions, and race tracks allow use of a helmet that goes back at least one Snell cycle and many allow two Snell cycles. Upon release of the 2010 models, most racers will be required to use a Snell SA-2000 or newer or an SA-2005 or newer helmet, depending on your rules.

Euro Ankletop Racing Shoes

• SFI 3.3/5 Rating
• Suede Leather Upper
• Pyrovatex(R) Flame Retardant Liner
• 30% Lighter Than Standard Shoes
• Carbon-L Wear Pads on Each Side
• European Styling
• Contrast Stitching
• Molded Rubber Sole
• Padded Ankle
• Arch Support
• Achilles Flex Opening
• Stocked in Sizes 1-15
  Racer Net  $79.95

The RaceQuip Euro Ankletop racing shoe has all the features you'd expect to find in a shoe costing much more. This new lightweight flexible design incorporates durable construction features like a reinforced lace area and double-stitched seams. The high traction molded rubber sole rolls up the back of the shoe to provide extra support for your heel while driving. We've added Carbon-L wear pads on both sides of the toe for added protection and durability in the high heat/high wear areas. These shoes feature a soft suede leather outer layer that uses contrasting stitching and European styling to give the shoe a unique look. The liner is constructed of flame retardant Pyrovatex® and has additional padding at the ankles plus built-in arch supports. The design also utilizes our unique Achilles flex opening in the back to allow easy foot extension. The RaceQuip Euro shoe weighs in about 30% less than a standard racing shoe. The design of this shoe perfectly blends light weight, durability, comfort and pedal feel. Meets or exceeds SFI 3.3/5 rating. Available in black, sizes 1-15.

Patriot-5™ Nomex® SFI-5 Racing Suits

•Made In The USA
•SFI 3.2A/5 Rating
•Nomex® IIIA Outer Layer
•Therm-X™ Liner
•TPP Rating of 26
•Straight Epaulets
•Boot Cuff Pants
•Contrast Piping
•Internal Bag Pockets
•Black Vertical Quilting
•Two-way Brass YKK Zipper
•Black Wrist and Ankle Cuffs
•Available with Red or Blue Torso
•Stocked in Sizes Large-2XL
Size              Large       X-Large      2X-Large
RACER NET   $399.95      $399.95       $439.95
The RaceQuip Patriot-5™ is a multi-layer all Nomex® construction racing suit that's built by American craftsmen in RaceQuip's Irmo, South Carolina production facility. The suit features some uniquely American styling cues: straight epaulets, boot cuffs, a classic belt with Velcro® closure, contrast piping, internal bag pockets, and contrasting vertical quilting to name a few. Quality is built into each Patriot-5™ by using only heavy-duty Nomex® thread as well as two-way Nomex® backed Brass YKK zippers to ensure long life. All RaceQuip suits are made in the USA and assembled with heavy-duty, multi-needle, over-lock safety stitch machines to provide exceptional seam strength. The arms and legs are finished with knit Nomex® ankle and wrist cuffs in black, so they won't show dirt like light colored cuffs.
The suit is constructed using an outer layer of durable Nomex® IIIA mated to RaceQuip's proprietary lightweight Therm-X™ liner. This combination offers tremendous comfort for the wearer plus extended longevity. The Patriot-5™ exceeds SFI 3.2A/5 standards with a Thermal Protection Performance (TPP) rating of 26. All suits are built with black arms and legs with a choice of a red or blue torso. The Patriot-5™ is exactly what many racers are looking for; a US Made lightweight SFI-5 Nomex® racing suit that's stylish and reasonably priced. Sold as a one-piece suit only, both colors are stocked in sizes Large through 2X large


• Double Layer Nomex® Knit Construction           • Two Hook and Loop Adjuster Straps
• SFI 3.3/5 Rating                                                    • Long Gauntlet for Added Protection
• Soft and Supple                                                    • Colors are Black, Red and Blue
• High Grip White Leather Reinforced Palm          • Sizes S - 2XL
• Mitered Fingers for Precise Fit

The RaceQuip Mod Glove is for the discriminating buyer. Two layers of soft knit Nomex® are joined with a full leather palm of supple reinforced white leather to form a long gauntlet SFI-5 rated glove. These features, plus mitered fingers, provide unmatched comfort, feel, and steering wheel grip. Two adjustment straps across the back allow separate wrist and palm tensioning for precise fit while maintaining flexibility. Available in black, red or blue, and in sizes small through 2X Large. The Mod glove is the most comfortable SFI-5 glove that you will find anywhere.

Racer Net $59.95

Glove Size Chart

#   Size    Inches 
7    XS      6-7.5
8    SM     7-8.5
9    M        8-9.5
10  L         9-10.5
11  XL      10-11
12  2XL    11-12
13  3XL    12-13

To find glove size, make a fist, measure over knuckles, excluding thumb, around largest part of hand.
Please Call Nick for all prices at  813 - 309 - 0798  or 
If you do not see what you want please give us a call or email us.
Help keep your new helmet looking good and your face shield free of scratches by using our high quality helmet bag. Our heavy-duty oversize design combines a soft fleece interior with a tough nylon exterior and features a small pocket in the front to hold extra hardware. An important feature of our bag is that the webbed nylon handles actually go all the way to the bottom of the bag for added support and strength.

300003 Heavy-Duty Black Helmet Bag $24.95

Keeping track of all the small parts you deal with at the racetrack can be difficult, that's why we offer these kits to go with our RaceQuip helmets. Our Tear Off Posts (Part # 202110) includes two Posts and two Screws. Our Ridgeline SA Hardware Kit (Part # 202111) includes two Aluminum Pivot Screws, two Aluminum Pivot Washers, plus a Visor Washer and Visor Ratchet.

202110 Tear Off Posts $6.99

RaceQuip offers six different helmet face shields to meet any racing conditions you may encounter. From standard clear replacements to light and dark tint for varying sunlight conditions and amber for nighttime racing, we've got you covered. We also offer a mirror smoke shield and a blue iridium style shield for those who like to look cool while keeping the sun out of their eyes. All shields are distortion free high strength polycarbonate and include a visor strip and tear off posts. SA shields are 3mm thick and M shields are 2mm thick. NOTE: M and SA shields are NOT interchangeable.
Part #       Tint Racer       Price
202001        Clear            $34.95
202003    Light Smoke    $39.95
202004    Dark Smoke     $39.95
202006    Amber              $39.95
202007    Blue                 $39.95
202009    Mirror Smoke   $39.95

751001 FIA/SFI Camlock Belts Black $169.95
751011 FIA/SFI Camlock Belts Red    $169.95
751021 FIA/SFI Camlock Belts Blue   $169.95

711001 Latch & Link 5pt Black           711011 Latch & Link 5pt Red             711021 Latch & Link 5pt Blue